Oscilloscopio digitale DS0138 2.4 assemblato


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Oscilloscopio digitale DS0138 2.4 assemblato


Articolo consigliato per la misurazione di segnali su circuiti elettronici

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Scheda tecnica

Altezza (mm)76.2 mm
Larghezza (mm)101 mm
Profondità (mm)25.4 mm
Peso (g)68 g
Note9V DC power supply required. Not included
Display2.4-inch color TFT LCD with 320 x 240 resolution
Analog bandwidth0 - 200KHz
Sampling rate1Msps max
Sensitivity10mV/Div - 5V/Div
Sensitivity errorless than 5%
Vertical resolution12-bit
Timebase10us/Div - 500s/Div
Record length1024 points
Input Impedance1M ohm
Maximum Input voltage50Vpk
CouplingDC, AC, GND
Max Horizontal Real-time Sampling Rate1Msps
Supply Current120mA


Oscilloscopio digitale DS0138 2.4 assemblato


DSO138 was designed as a training oscilloscope kit. It contains only the basical oscilloscope functions with no fancy features. Simplicity in structure and easiness in assembly/operation are among the main targets of the design. For these purpose DSO138 uses mostly through-hole parts. The heart of DSO138 is a Cortex-M3 ARM processor (STM32F103C8) from ST. It uses 2.4-inch TFT LCD (320 X 240 dotmatrix, 262K colors) as its display element and displays nice and clear waveforms. Detailed assembly instructions are provided in combination with troubleshooting guide and schematc. Source codes are also available to allow user to add their own features.

This DSO138 kits has all SMD parts pre-soldered (PN: 13801K). The MCU has been pre-programmed and no re-programming required.

DSO138 is partially open-sourced. This opens the possibility for users to add different features or develop new applications on the hardware.

What's New

[2015-01-05] New firmware (113-13801-060) released with following improvements:

Auto-center trigger level to the middle of signal amplitude when trigger level is focused and OK button is held down for 2 seconds. This is useful for quickly stabilize waveform display. (Thank Gabriel S. for the suggestion!)
Auto-center horizontal position when horizontal position is focused and OK button is held down for 2 seconds. (Thank Gabriel S. for the suggestion!)
Restore factory default settings when "+" and "-" buttons are held down simultaneously for 2 seconds.
Improved frequency measurement by using average voltage level (instead of true 0V level which was used in previous versions) as cycle counting reference.
Fixed a bug in trigger level readout error. In previous versions trigger level readout displayed wrong value after VPos alignment was performed.



Articolo consigliato per la misurazione di segnali su circuiti elettronici

  1. A 9V DC power supply is required to run DSO138. Power supply is not included in the kit. It is recommended to use the 5V-to-9V Step-up Converter JYE140 to power DSO138 by battery or USB.
  2. The only hardware diffference between 13803K/04K and 13801K/02K is the value of R11. For 13803K/04K R11 uses 150 ohm. For 13801K/02K it is 1.5K.
  3. All firmware versions earlier than 113-13801-050 (including the source code package) can only be used with 13801K/02K. 113-13801-050 is for 13803K/04K
  4. For models 13803K and 13804K to use the open-source firmware users need to change R11 to 1.5K (this converts 13803K/04K to 13801K/02K).
  5. Models 13801K and 13802K were discontinued. Shipment of 13801K/02K were stopped as of July 1, 2015

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