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Mini solar module monocrystalline square form made in glass white ground composed by 32 cells size 130X130mm 16V 2100mW power


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Mini glass solar panel monocrystalline 130X130 mm

IdeaArticle recommended for small projects realization,electronic applications,charging small DC batteries,build your own self powered models/Toys/Solar display 

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Height (inches)130 mm
Width130 mm
thickness (mil)5 mm
Weight (Oz)30 g
Power (W)2,1 W
Voltage (V)16 V
Current (A)0,13 A

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MINI solar module monocrystalline square form made in glass white ground composed by 32 cells size 130X130mm 16V 131mA 2100mW power 

MR WATT is proud to advice you that provide for a new customized mini EPOXY, GLASS and PET solar modules service.
Based on your technical specifications, we are able to realize mini photovoltaic panels in epoxy resin and PET of any size and voltage you need.

This service has been designed and it's dedicated for companies that would like to integrate a photovoltaic panel in existing application or specific DIY electronic sensor by adding new new innovative and useful feature.

A solar panel Epoxy is made using two-component resin increased to a temperature of 50/60 celsius degrees.

This type of panels, are composed of the following layers:

  • Epoxy resin
  • Solar cells
  • PCB board

Solar cells are encapsulated in epoxy resin that guarantee protection against humidity, insulation, excellent transparency, anti-aging, smooth surface, no cosmetic defect on the surface.

These panels are characterized by their rigidity and long life. They are used especially for power any small object, such as toys, garden lamps, sensors for outdoors, road signs and more.

Very easy to install are sold with a scratch-resistant protective film.

The type of Epoxy panels, can usually reach a maximum power of 5W (200x150mm approximately) due to the fact that a larger size, may cause a deformation of the resin and consequent aesthetic defects. For this reason, for larger and up to 20W of power, in place of the epoxy resin, it is used a PET sheet of 1-2mm thick for protection of the solar cells.

The PET panels have practically the same characteristics than epoxy and are also flexibles.

Inside category Mini solar modules in our web site , we propose some solar epoxy or PET modules various size and if you are developing a project and think to integrate a solar module with custom size and technical specifics, please contact us and, without any formal settlement, our engineers will study the best solution for you, provide all technical informations you need.

Mini glass solar panel monocrystalline 130X130 mm

This table show the solar system configuration relationship between storage batteries and solar panels.

DC Storage BatterySolar Panel
1.2V2V ~ 2.5V
2.4V3.5V ~ 4V
3.6V5V ~ 6V
6V7.5V ~ 9V
12V15V ~ 18V


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