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OWL Micro plus energy monitor TSE009-002 Displays live, historic and average electric consumption Simple installation and setup


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Real time wireless power meter model OWL Micro Plus TSE009-002 simple installation and setup

IdeaThe cost-benefit analysis of your own plant, gives you a chance to improve the use of equipments and household appliances focusing on the issue to optimize and reduce electric consumption, thereby saving money on energetic bill.

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Data sheet

Note Il morsetto incluso permette di misurare la corrente di cavi fino a 10mm di diametro e fino a 71 A di corrente massima, pertanto è indicato per la maggior parte delle applicazioni residenziali e piccoli terziario/commerciale.
Protection LevelIP 30
Batterie5 x AA -1,5 V
Misurazione di correntefino 71 A
Frequenza di trasmissione433MHz
Trasmissione massimafino a 30 metri
Tempo tra una trasmissione e l'altra dei dati12 sec
Durata delle batteriesuperiore a 14 mesi
Funzione 1Impostazione allarme giornaliero al superamento della soglia di consumo
Funzione 2Si possono inserire due tariffe differenti per il consumo elettrico, (diurna e notturna)
Funzione 3Memorizza dati
Funzione 4Visualizza il consumo medio (giornaliero, settimanale e mensile)
Livello difficoltà di installazioneFacile, max 15 minuti
Garanzia2 anni come da normativa CE
DimensioniTrasmettitore 96 x 64 x 30 mm, Sensore a clip 51 x 45 x 30 mm, Dispaly 95 x 95 x 25 mm

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OWL "Standalone" Electricity Monitors are simple devices aimed at giving the householder a low cost, quick to install and easy to use device to help understand domestic electricity consumption.  The monitor shows consumption or cost per hour (or kwh if preferred), and has a CO2 equivalent reading too.  Because the monitor is wireless and portable, the householder can easily walk around the house and observe, by switching on and off, how much energy particular devices are using.  They can also see the overall consumption by  day / week / month and compare periods to see if savings have been made.

The OWL MICRO+ is the entry level product, designed for simplicity and cost effectiveness, but still with a number of configurable features and alarm functions.

OWL Micro+ is new wireless device that allows you to monitor your home (mono-phase systems) real time electricity consumption of your home or renewable energy plant production, such as a photovoltaic system, and view data in real time on a convenient display from a remote location.

The strengths of MICRO + are the extreme simplicity of use, the ease and speed of installation and the excellent build quality, at a price within reach of all budgets.
The visualization of energy consumption and of the costs of its plant allows the user to improve the use of equipment and appliances in a conscious way, focusing attention on the optimization and reduction of electricity consumption, with obvious economic savings on the bill energy.

This simple tool shows in real time the amount of electricity that is being used, how much this usage costs and how much CO2 is generated. They are also compatible instruments with renewable energy systems to monitor the production of electricity. The internal memory allows to save the consumption data in a daily, weekly, monthly and annual way to always have a precise feedback on the energy used or produced.

Thanks to the very useful visual warning of exceeding the threshold, you will be warned if the consumption of your home appliances or equipment will exceed a certain value in KWh, in order to remain vigilant on the energy bill.

The device also allows you to set as many as 2 price rates, consistent with your energy manager, for greater accuracy of economic counting.


This measurement category II product for use with domestic electricity supplies uses current transformer sensing technology to detect and monitor a tiny magnetic field around your household electricity power cable.
It measures the current using either the Standard (to 71Amp) or Large (to 200Amp) sensors and this information is sent from the transmitter to display on radio frequency of 433MHz, up to 30 meters (unbroken transmission) away.
The display unit uses that information and multiplied to a fixed voltage set in the display (100-400V) to reflect the supply voltage being used to calculate amount and cost of electricity used.

This product is designed for use indoors

  • Monitor 5C a 40C --- Transmitter -5C a 40C
  • Humidity 25-85% (non-condensing)

The intention of the OWL Micro+ electricity monitor is primarily as an
educational device to aid understanding of the cost of operating appliances
in the home. There is no intention for the OWL Micro+ electricity monitor to
replace your accurate electricity revenue meter.

OWL Micro+ Pinza amperometrica inclusa nella confezione


Layout OWL Micro+ Schema

  1. Display and set-up mode indicators
  2. Pairing indicators - Flashes when pairing
  3. Function mode indicators
  4. Main display digits
  5. Period display modes
  6. Active tariff display
  7. Battery low display indicators
  8. SET mode indicator
  9. Target display
  10. Graphical usage display
  11. Measurement units

ASSEMBLY SCHEMESchema di montaggio contatore elettrico OWL Micro+

  • Connect the sensor over your electricity cable.
  • Locate the supply cables between the utility meter and consumer unit (Fuse box)
  • Using the latch, clamp the sensor aroud the insulated live cable going from the meter into the consumer unit (the cable coming out on the right
    hand side of the meter as you look at it). The live cable is normally a red or
    brown insulated cable although in a lot of instances these are double
    insulated with a grey insulation

The OWL Power meter connection scheme


  • Display LCD (receiver and display)
  • Transmitter wireless unit with single sensor TA
  • 5 x AA battery (both for transmitter and display)
  • Instruction Manual


We suggest this product to monitoring your home electric consumptions (mono-phase plant)


MR WATT SRL is not responsible of wrong installation or any action that may cause damage to vehicles, people or other property. Always be careful. Installation is very simple, but if you are not sure, please contact expert personnel.

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