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DHT11 humidity and temperature sensor for Arduino


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Height (inches)23.5 mm
Width12 mm
thickness (mil)5,5 mm
Weight (Oz)5 g
Power SupplyDC Min. 3 V / Typical 5 V / Max. 5,5 V
Current SupplyMin. 0,5 mA / Max. 2,5 mA
Sampling period1 second min.
Range humidity20-90% di relative humidity, temp 0-50 C
Precisionhumidity + -4% RH (Max + -5% relative humidity), temp +-2.0 C
Resolutionhumidity 1% relative humidity, temp 0.1 C
Repeatability+ -1% relative humidy temp +-1 C
Avg time detection2 sec

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DHT11 humidity and temperature sensor for Arduino

The DHT11 is a temperature and humidity sensor with output of data in digital format.
The sensor uses a digital technique which combined with the exclusive moisture sensing technology, ensures the reliability and stability.
Its sensitive elements are connected with an 8-bit single-chip processor.
Every sensor of this model is temperature compensated and calibrated in a special calibration chamber which determines precisely the calibration value whose coefficient is stored in the OTP memory.
Its small size and its low power consumption combined with the long transmission distance (20 m) DHT11 allow the sensor to be suitable for many types of applications. The package with four pins in line it makes it easy to connect.


  • Full range of temperature compensated
  • Relative humidity and temperature
  • Calibrated digital signal
  • Outstanding long-term stability
  • unnecessary add-ons
  • Long transmission distance
  • Low absorption
  • Container with 4 pin

DHT11 Front

DHT11 Back

DHT11 Lateral


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