1602 LCD Module base


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1602 LCD Module base

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1602 LCD Module base


Green LCD1602 5V 1602 LCD display with backlight

Standard 16X2 LCD character module (Backlight / blue screen)

1602 using a standard 16-pin interface, wherein:

Pin 1: VSS to power

Pin 2: VDD connected to 5V positive power supply

Pin 3: V0 LCD display contrast adjustment terminal, connected to the positive power supply weakest contrast, grounded power contrast, the contrast is too high will produce "ghosting", when used by a 10K potentiometer to adjust the contrast

Pin 4: RS for register selection, the selection of high data registers, instruction register is low.

Pin 5: R / W for read and write signal line, high read, low write operation.When the RS and RW is low can be written instructions or display the address can be read, when RS is low RW is high busy signal, data can be written when RS is high RW is low.

Pin 6: E end to enable end, When E Duanyou high jump becomes low, the LCD module execute the command.

7 to 14 feet: D0 to D7 for 8-bit bidirectional data line.

15 feet: Backlight positive power supply

16 feet: backlight negative power supply

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