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DIY 70W solar KIT composed by 36 poly solar cells 3"X6" inches (76X156 mm) A-Grade provided with CMP12 and welding assembly kit


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DIY 70W solar KIT composed by 36 poly solar cells 3"X6" inches (76X156 mm) A-Grade provided with CMP12 and welding assembly kit

IdeaArticle recommended to build yourself your homemade photovoltaic solar module

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Power (W)70W
Solar cells36x Poli 3"x6" (80x150mm) 0,55V 3,6A
Diodes1x schottky Diode 5A 100V
Flux1x Dispenser 10ml Stannol flux x32-10i
Solar charge regulator1 x CMP12
Tab wire12m (40') 0.15x2mm
Bus wire1m (3') 0,2x5mm

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DIY 70W solar KIT composed by 36 polycrystalline solar cells 3"X6" inches (76X156 mm) A-Grade provided with solar charger CMP12 and welding assembly kit

For sale in our website we offer you a special price for this DIY 70W photovoltaic KIT composed by 36 3"X6" (76X156 mm) inches solar polycrystalline modules

Solar cells belonging this KIT, made in Germany, are the most used by beginners because in addition to being strong enough, they have an excellent quality/price ratio.

Below we report some data about current-voltage characteristic of this photovoltaic cell, carried out by Prof. Alessio Piana and his students that we thank a lot for amazing work.


Pictures about TEST LAB carried out on 3X6 inches photovoltaic cell, preparation measuring tools


TEST LAB on photovoltaic solar cell 3X6 inches - Table about Feature Vr-I by lighting range


TEST LAB on photovoltaic solar cell 3X6 inches - Graph about Feature Vr-I by lighting range


TEST LAB on photovoltaic solar cell 3X6 inches - Graph about Feature Vr-I by lighting range

CMP12 solar charger included in the KIT and showed in picture below, ( it's possible to buy independently ), is an entry level model that pretty well base functions including smart charge process automatic regulation batteries to avoid overload.

solar charger CMP12 included in DIY photovoltaic KIT

Solar KIT on sale, includes everything needed for solar cells connection but doesn't include glasses or frames to avoid shipments price increase, considering that ease of finding these materials from glazier or hardware store.

Our DIY solar photovoltaic KITS are the cheapest way to converting sunlight into electricity and are ideal for stand-alone installations, which is isolated from other energy sources such as the national grid;

usage applications are many, such as boats, mobile homes or camping in general, garden lights lighting, small appliances, electronics and much more.

Build photovoltaic modules is highly educational and funny and our DIY solar KITS are versatile because you can customize voltage/current/dimensions to suit your needs, something not possible with pre-assembled solar panels.

There are several options to achieve a good result such as encapsulation of solar cells between double-glazed window, the use of special silicone resins as QSIL 216 or use of sheets of EVA to cite some examples. Inside our Website Learning Zone you can also find different low cost methods to achieve a good result.

Encapsulation products such as QSIL or EVA sheets (Etylene vinil acetate) available in stock ensure hermetic encapsulation and prevent weathering to impact on solar photovoltaic module performance;It can be purchased in addition to the KIT or in other cases, directly by choosing a complete KIT.

If you're beginner and want further useful tips on howto soldering solar cells and all components you need to start job, can read our Learning ZONE article that explain everything step-by-step with a demo video too

In case of questions or doubts, we can offer all support you need, just write an email using special contact form  and we and we'll reply as soon as we can.

To avoid breakages during welding process or transport issues, we add always about 5% of cells for replacement, in any case for any further question feel free to contact us and we'll do the best to solve any problem.

Important Notice:

All off-grid photovoltaic systems (with batteries), is very important utilization of solar charger device, to avoid batteries overload.

It's very important connect correctly solar cells, to ensure solar module long life with low risks breakages or corrosion. 

To weld solar photovoltaic cells we recommend 60W - 80W welder with tip flat.It's very important to arrange solar cells on a smooth glass surfaces or thermally insulating materials.

For any further information, you can read italian language guide on how to build your own homemade solar photovoltaic module from the beginning or watch this underlying video or on our youtube channel MRWattDIY.

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