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DIY solar KIT 75Wp composed by 20 mono Sunpower Bin Me1 ultra peak performance solar cells 5"x5" (125x125mm) and accessories


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DIY solar KIT 75Wp composed by 20 mono Sunpower Bin Me1 ultra peak performance solar cells 5"x5" (125x125mm) and accessories

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DIY Solar KIT 75Wp composed by 20pcs Sunpower solar cells 5"x5" (125x125mm) Flexible Monocrystalline Bin Me1 ultra peak performance and soldering equipment

The Sunpower photvoltaic cell is totally different and extraordinarily superior to a traditional photovoltaic cell. Thanks to the solid copper base, these solar cells are flexible and can provide extraordinary reliability and strength, enabling them to create panels that have won the world's energy efficiency record.

Our kits of DIY solar panels are the cheapest way to provide electricity from the sun and are perfect for stand-alone installations, which is isolated from other energy sources such as the national grid; usage applications are many, such as boats, mobile homes or camping in general, garden lights lighting, small appliances, electronics and much more.

Building panels is highly educational and fun, they are also versatile in that you can customize voltage / current / dimensions to suit your needs, something not possible with pre-assembled solar panels.


In all PV systems Island (then with batteries), it is essential the use of charge controllers to prevent overcharging of batteries that are not too rare cases can cause the explosion of the battery (see electrolysis).

It will be very important to mount the solar cells efficiently to ensure long life of the panel, low risk of corrosion and cracking. There are several options to achieve a good result like the encapsulation of cells within a double glazed window, the use of silicone resins as special QSIL 216 or use sheets of EVA to name just a few examples. In the Learning Zone of our website you can find other more economical methods to achieve a good result.

The design of Supower solar cells is also exceptional due to the fact that they are backcontact. This means that the connections are only on the back of the cell. This avoids seeing strips of connection to the surface of the cells, as is the case with standard solar cells:

Sunpower vs Standard

Traditional photovoltaic cells lose power over time due to corrosion and damage. The exclusive design of SunPower cells eliminates most of the causes of malfunctioning of traditional cells. You will then be able to benefit from exceptional performance and savings.

Sunpower Warranty

Currently, these solar cells are the most efficient in the market up to 24%. This makes it extremely useful for applications in the nautical or aviation sector.

Even the famous Solar Impulse solar aircraft is powered by Sunpower solar cells with high efficiency such as those on our site:

Solar Impulse

Building panels is highly educational and fun, and are versatile as you can customize the voltage / current according to your needs, which is not possible with pre-assembled panels.

A typical configuration is 36 cells in a single panel for about 18 volts and up to 6 amps; In 4-file 9-cell configuration, the panel size is approximately 550x1200mm.

If you are new to the weapon and want more information about the cells and tips on how to make the welds and all the components you need, you can read our article in Learning ZONE which also explains it with a video, how to best match traditional cells .

We always add about 5% spare cells to compensate for breakages during welding or during transport, however, for any problem due to shipment please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to solve any of your problems because 'It's important to us that you're 100% satisfied.

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