Emanuel from Rome instead purchased several solar cell kit of polycrystalline and monocrystalline to feed a part of his home appliances getting exceptional results reaching a 50% theoretical energy savings on your bill at home.

Now explain his project.

Material purchased:


144 x monocrystalline solar cells 6 "x6"

1 x charge controller EPIP20 12-24V 20A

Emanuel combining solar cell panels monocrystalline and polycrystalline ensured a minimum amount of energy produced by its panels even on days with little sun. In fact, the monocrystalline cells have a higher efficiency than polycrystalline during the little bright days.

Emanuel has assembled its panels as follows:
8 x 18 panel monocrystalline cells 6 "x6" from peak 72W each
panel 4 x 36 polycrystalline cells 3 "x6" from peak 70W each
In this way he obtained a power of 580Wp / hour from 280Wp monocrystalline and / panels now from those made with polycrystalline cells for a total of 860Wp / hour.
In theory with this impainto you will get approximately 4,3KW / day (estimate made with 5 hours of produzzione at maximum power) which is just the half of the average consumption of an apartment in Italy.
According to what Emanuel, tells us with the energy produced by its panels will power a washing machine, refrigerator other appliances of his house.
The following show the used batteries, controller and inverter.
From what we see, Emanuel used:
4 x Battery 12V 100Ah
1 x 1000W inverter
1 x Charger Controller
We have no other details on the components and on the configuration chosen for the batteries, but Emanuel contact you again for this.
Most important in this case, it is the reduced length of the cables that carry current. Due to the high amperage, this type of solution it is essential to reduce the resistance in the game (second Ohm's law), and then the inefficiencies in the system.

Thanks again to Emanuel for choosing to share his experience with us.