Customized solar panels

As part of its continuous attention to the needs of its customers, MR WATT is pleased to inform you that we are not only distributors of standard PV panels, but there is a new service for the construction of custom photovoltaic panels.
Based on your technical specifications, we are able to make any size and voltage PV modules

This service has been designed and is dedicated for companies that want to integrate a photovoltaic panel in existing products on the market so adding to these products, a new feature very innovative and behind the times.

Each module is composed of a number of cells that varies according to the specifications of the customer and validated by our technicians. The used photovoltaic cells are monocrystalline or polycrystalline, with average efficiency over 17%.

In a standard panel, the cells are protected on the outside by a highly transparent sheet of tempered glass (usually 4mm thick) to the direct and diffused light and from a multilayer film of TPT (Tedlar / Polyester / Tedlar), all encapsulated at high temperature under vacuum by two sheets of EVA (Ethylene / Vinyl / Acetate).

Pannello solare a strati

Not only is it possible to produce panels with standard method, but you can achieve with background of different colors or transparent and also with double glazing, pedestrian or vehicular. The combinations are endless and even applications.

Smart Palm

We can also produce flexible solar modules using solar cells Monocrystalline Sunpower C60 latest generation reaching peak efficiency up to 22.5% were unthinkable few years ago.

These solar cells are the flagship of the photovoltaic industry and is now also used for custom projects and DIY as well as aviation.

For more information on the production of customized photovoltaic panels and get a quotation, please contact us at indicating the size of the panel to be realized and the desired quantities. Other relevant details can still be described in the email and if possible attaching a drawing. Quotations are delivered within 1 or 2 working days at most. It is possible to mak prototypes.

MR WATT also guarantees its availability for technical advice in the realization of your projects.
To learn more please contact us at
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