Customized solar cells

As part of our continuous attention to the needs of our customers, MR WATT is pleased to inform you that there is a new service for the realization of CUSTOMIZED SOLAR CELLS.
On the basis of your technical specifications, we are able to realize solar cells of any size.

Customized solar cells
MR WATT is able to produce solar cells of all formats obtained from solar cells of standard size 6"x6" (156x156mm) or 5"x5" (125x125mm) in solar cells of smaller dimensions. Most of the solar cells on the market today, are made from monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon wafers. The solar cells have a voltage of about 0,55v and 8,3A at short circuit and can be cut into smaller sizes, typically 3"x6", 2"x6", 1"x6", 3"x3", 3"x2", 3"x1" (measured in inches). The solar cells produced originally in size 6"x6" are available with 2 or 3 connecting lines defined as bus bars, so that the design of the cut cells, can vary depending on the placement of the strips on the solar cells.

After that the solar cells are laser cutted, the voltage of each cell remains the same as the solar cell of original size, but the current production, will be proportional to the amperage of the original cells and linearly dependent on the size. Larger area of ​​the cell, greater current generated.

We use CNC laser machines to cut the solar cells, so the result of the cut is perfect and the edges of the cells are smooth and not as the cells obtained by cutting with diamond. This detail is important to make sure you do not damage the structure of the PN junction solar cells and thus ensure minimal loss off efficiency. In addition to this, the laser cutting process guarantees a very low discarded.

The solar cells are cut for many reasons. Usually using small cells to obtain an higher voltage in a smaller area.
Below we show a table of the most common cells. This table is for information only and can increase production by using high-efficiency solar cells and very high (up to 4.8W for cells 6"x6" mono, 3.3W for cells mono 5"x5" Sunpower and 4.4W for cells 6"x6" poly):

Dimnension (mm)Dimensions (inch)Power (Watt)
POLY 6”x6” 3BB solar cell
MONO 6”x6” 3BB solar cell
MONO 5”x5” 2BB solar cell

For more information on the cutting service of custom solar cells and get a quotation, please contact us at indicating cell size and quantities. The cutting service of photovoltaic cells requires a minimum quantity which depends on the size of the cells themselves. We do not accept orders for the cut of less than 200 whole cells. Small quantities can be purchased by our web shop.

MR WATT also guarantees its availability for technical advice in the realization of your projects.
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