Customized mini Epoxy / PET solar panels

As part of its continuous attention to the needs of its customers, MR WATT is pleased to inform you that there is a new service for the realization of CUSTOMIZED MINI EPOXY AND PET SOLAR PANELS.
On the basis of your technical specifications, we are able to realize mini photovoltaic panels in epoxy resin and PET and of any size and voltage.

This service has been designed and is dedicated for companies that want to integrate a photovoltaic panel in existing products on the market so adding to these products a new feature very innovative and in behind the times.

A solar panel Epoxy named after the type of two-component resin used to build this type of solar panels. The resin is used at 50 - 60 degrees to hold together the various components of the panel.

This type of panels, are composed of the following layers:

  • Epoxy resin
  • Solar cells
  • PCB board


The solar cells are encapsulated in epoxy resin guaranteeing protection against humidity, insulation, excellent transparency, anti-aging, smooth surface, no cosmetic defect on the surface.

These panels are characterized by their rigidity and long life. They are used especially for power any small object, such as toys, garden lamps, sensors for outdoors, road signs and more.

Easily install on and respect the environment. They are sold with a scratch-resistant protective film.

The type of Epoxy panels, can usually reach a maximum power of 5W (200x150mm approximately) due to the fact that a larger size, may cause a deformation of the resin and consequent aesthetic defects. For this reason, for larger and up to 20W of power, in place of the epoxy resin, it is used a PET sheet of 1-2mm thick for protection of the solar cells.

The PET panels have practically the same characteristics than epoxy and are also flexibles.

Being able to reach higher power, these panels have a lot of potential and can also be integrated in rigid semi products such as bags, jackets and much more.

Foldable solar panel with USB

Solar Bag

Solar jacket

How to choose the panel for your application?

The power produced by this type of panels is perfectly equivalent to that produced by large panels and generally differs from the type of solar cells used:

Solar cell type



Panel Power

10x10cm (Wh)





These values are for guidance only and represents the minimum attainable power. You can use photovoltaic cells of greater efficiency and increase these values up to 10%.

This table shows the ideal output voltage of a mini solar panel depending on the battery voltage.

      DC Storage Battery                

       Mini solar panel


          2V ~ 2.5V


          3.5V ~ 4V


          5V ~ 6V








          8V ~ 9V


          16V ~ 18V


For more information on the production of customized photovoltaic panels Epoxy or PET and get a quotation, please contact us at indicating the size of the panel to be realized and the desired quantities. Other relevant details can still be described in the email and if possible attaching a drawing. The quotations are made within 1 or 2 working days at most.

The realization of these panels to size, requires a minimum quantity.

MR WATT also guarantees its availability for technical advice in the realization of your projects.
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