Comparison of lamps: LED vs CFL vs Incandescent

This article is a comparison between different types of common bulbs.

This topic is very interesting, especially because the comparison of the categories of light bulbs we can understand how much money you can save by making the right choice, and I assure you that saving is very high ... This also added to the fact that we could produce electricity through autoconstrucion kits solar panels, maximum savings would be achieved with almost zero impact on the environment!

What is a light bulb? , What is a fluorescent bulb? ; This is an LED bulb?


The incandescent lamp is an artificial light source, which operates on the principle of irradiating photons generated by the overheating of a metallic element.

is the standard bulb, but not low power.


Compact fluorescent bulb (CFL):


The fluorescent lamp is a type of discharge lamp in which light emission (visible) is indirect, ie, the sender is not the ionized gas, but a fluorescent material (hence the name).

 (The discharge lamp bulb is a type based on the emission of electromagnetic radiation by a plasma of ionized gas. The ionization of gas is obtained by means of a potential difference.

LED Bulb:

The alternatives to incandescent lamps, comprise one or more LEDs, powered by a dedicated electronic circuit whose purpose is primarily to reduce the voltage a few volts required by the LEDs.

 Light is produced by a physical process in the diode resulting in emission of photons.

After this brief theoretical explanation of the operation of incandescent, fluorescent and LED, it's time to compare:

Now compare the cost, consumption, saving, durability and more


The standard incandescent bulbs last an average of 1,200 hours, while a fluorescent lamp (CFL) lasts an average of 8000 hours and finally, 50,000 hours LED bulbs! (This round is won by LED lamps)

Power consumption:

Incandescent bulbs use an average of 60 watts and uses 175,2 kWh/year .

Fluorescent bulbs (CFL) use 13-15 watts on average and the use of 35 kWh/year.

LED bulbs use an average of 6-8 watts and consumption is 14,6 kWh/year.

(Again earn LED bulbs)

Annual cost: Incandescent: $32.8 per year CFL: $6.54 per year and LED : $2.73 per year

Information: unlike incandescent bulbs and LED, fluorescent bulbs contain highly toxic mercury to the environment.

The sensitivity at low temperatures: LED = No, incandescent = a little, "CFL = yes, much

Speed of light: LED = yes, Incandescent = yes, CFLs = No, you must first warm up a bit ...

Durability: LEDs are more durable than other types of bulbs addition, LED lamps consist of many LEDs and so even if you break 1 or 2 LED light bulb will continue to produce (perhaps a little less strong).

Heat emitidor: LED = 3.4 BTU / h, incandescent = 85 BTU / h, CFL = 30 BTU / h

Conclusions and considerations:

Well, it goes without saying that LEDs are the best, the only flaw is that they cost a bit more, but it is money well spent, because they save on bills, plus you can buy LED color and change the aesthetics of a abitacion or crazy, this can be done exclusively with LED lights.

On the market are widely used LED bulbs in 12 V and 24 V (see store), this would be the ideal choice for off-grid systems that use solar panels of self, as it would require a voltage inverter, which typically has an efficiency of 90%!