MR WATT - About us

MR WATT SRL is a dynamic young company with experience in the distribution of photovoltaic materials, energy-saving products and for some time robotics and DIY electronics. We are a team involved in the conservation of biodiversity, concerned about climate change, which focuses on the rational use of energy and eco-efficiency. We are physically located in the town of Tivoli, near Rome (Italy) and we have a direct sales and customer service in Madrid (Spain). Our high level of self need and passion for what we do, we take to provide our customers with the latest products on the market, at an affordable price. At the same time, we offer support for the realization of their projects. Our customers have the opportunity to publish their projects in our blog and receive discounts on materials for the realization of projects related to renewable energy and energy efficiency. We strongly support the "do it yourself" philosophy. Solar energy is the most democratic energies and allows anyone to use it and create a network of small producers of clean energy, sustainable and safe, so bypassing the continuous increase of the bills. MR WATT guarantees:

  • Personal service and excellent customer service, backed by the confidence shown, over the years, our customers.
  • Efficiency and speed of delivery of our products
  • High quality products (our suppliers are world leaders in their field of activity)
  • Honesty, respect and commitment to the relationship with our customers.

For any further question feel free to contact us using our web site contact form